WALA Management Essentials

Our course content has been compiled by a variety of highly qualified experts who bring their experience and knowledge to fill some of the employment knowledge gaps along with the creation of a road map to success.  Upcoming classes listed below.


The 4 C's of Leadership: Communication & Coaching

This 3 hour workshop, led by Positive Polarity's Dave Molenda, kicks off a two part learning module on the 4 C's of Leadership.  In April, we dive into communication and coaching.  Communication is the primary building block upon which all leadership training needs to be based.  Coaching is how a leader builds a team that can work together, without a team cannot function. Each student will walk away with:

  • Tools in how to communicate in ways that others understand
  • Ways to improve your connecting skills -- seek first to understand, then to be understood
  • Why coaching is super important today
  • The differences between a coach and a manager

This 2- day workshop, led by Kelly Mundth with Better to Best, LLC, is intended for those striving to reach the next level of leadership.  Over the two days, students will learn about four different pillars that can help you improve your executive presence.  We'll dive into areas such as emotional intelligence, how to "show up" every day, how to effectively make decisions that deliver results, and how to create an inspiring environment. At the conclusion of this high level workshop, leaders will walk away with:

  • Understanding of how to look and speak like an executive
  • Tools to make decisions effectively
  • Knowledge on how to manage your emotions in the workplace
  • Insight on how to inspire others to succeed

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This 3 hour workshop, led by Davis Clinical Consulting, is intended for those both new to the assisted living industry and those seeking a refresher.  Students will learn basic information about the senior population and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the assisted living licensure categories in Wisconsin. Each student will walk away with:

  • Gained knowledge on activities of daily living
  • Understanding of the dietary process and guidelines
  • Tools for residents with dementia or behavioral issues

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This 3 hour workshop, led by UWEC Professor Rebecca Rouse, is designed to help you better understand the foundational skills of finances, such as statements, analyzing expenses, and establishing a budget. Along with essential skills needed to navigate ethical dilemmas while effectively managing your organizations. Each student will walk away with:

  • Knowledge on how to create a budget and involve employees in the process along with how to implement
  • A better understanding on how to analyze financial statements and implementing changes to maximize financial and organizational goals
  • An understanding of the importance of ethical leadership
  • Greater strength in decision-making skills in ethical context
  • Tools to cultivate an ethical culture and leadership behaviors

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The 4 C's of Leadership - Conflict Resolution & Collaboration

This 3 hour workshop, led by Positive Polarity's Dave Molenda, concludes a two part learning module on the 4 C's of Leadership.  In July, we dive into conflict resolution & collaboration.  Conflict Resolution is a given in any business, how you resolve it reflects the leadership skills you have gained. Collaboration comes with many particles including the benefits of it in a workplace. Each student will walk away with:

  • The difference between two types of conflict (positive conflict can help a team)
  • Understanding of why conflicts arise in the first place
  • How leaders can create a collaboration attitude

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This 3 hour workshop, led by Kelly Mundth with Better to Best, is aimed to help employees understand coaching.  Being a coach is hard, and having transparent conversations that are productive to the person you are coaching is even harder.  This workshop will help students learn ways to reinforce individuals' strengths and help them take responsibility for their actions, development, and success. Each student will walk away with:

  • Ideas on how to build true collaboration and mutual trust
  • Tools on how to focus on your team members' values, personal needs, strengths, and weaknesses

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Our complete course catalog has different options available to best maximize the needs of those interested. Classes will be scheduled as:

Independent Training
Module Training
Personalized / On-Site Training for Your Staff

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Inside the catalog you'll find classes focused on:
  • Enhancing Leadership Skills
  • Team Building
  • Communication

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Each of the classes included have been selected to provide necessary tools for:
  • New Managers looking to gain knowledge
  • Experienced Managers needing refreshers
  • Team Leads hopeful to manage
  • Senior Leadership looking to expand knowledge

Meet Our Speakers

Becca Rouse

Associate Lecturer: UW- Eau Claire

Becca is an accomplished professional with a distinguished background in healthcare administration and education. Armed with an MBA and a Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, Becca has been a prominent figure in both academia and the corporate sphere. Currently serving as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Becca leverages her expertise to develop and deliver high-impact instructional content, fostering an inclusive learning environment. Becca brings engaging presentations covering diverse topics ranging from organizational behavior management to effective leadership strategies in the workplace.

Dave Molenda

Founder: Positive Polarity

After almost 30 years of starting his own company and successfully growing it, he realized that his passion was to help companies thrive by overcoming their natural tendencies to retreat, not talk about the hard stuff and spin their wheels on the wrong things. His current company, Positive Polarity, is a midwest business coaching firm that acts as the opposing force against the easy way of doing business - the way it's always been done - with a positive and encouraging approach.

Kelly Mundth

Founder: Better to Best, LLC

Kelly is an experienced leadership consultant, facilitator, and coach with a 20 year background working in a variety of industries. Kelly is an experienced learning and development leader who takes pride in helping her clients achieve their goals. She guides her clients in finding the formula for success in areas like career development, leadership development, team building, communication, emerging leaders, organizational change, vision planning, and operational processing.