WALA 83.15 Administrator Course

This top-notch educational opportunity is taught by professional, informative, and dynamic trainers combined with natural highly energetic networking among class peers.  Whether you are required to take this course by the state or for professional development, this course will provide you with the tools and information to successfully handle day-to-day challenges and become a CBRF Administrator in WI.

Registration Checklist:

Applicants will be processed on a first come first service basis.
  • The following SIX Prerequisite Classes must be completed prior to the course or have proof of exemptions in accordance to DHS 83.24:
    • Fire Safety
    • First Aid and Choking
    • Medication Administration
    • Standard Precautions
    • Assessment and Planning
    • Licensing and Survey Process
  • WALA will confirm via email your application status and completion of prerequisite classes prior to your registration for the class
  • Upon registration, payments for the course must be paid in full prior to the course start date

You can register for Assessments/Planning (Assisted Living Survey Process Training) and Licensing/Survey Process (Who Am I: Assessment, ISP, and Change of Condition Training) through UW-Green Bay
The other four courses can be taken through any approved instructor. 


WALA Member = $2,250
Non-Member = $2,750

Course Delivery:

This course takes place for three consecutive days over a period of three consecutive weeks

Instruction in each core topic is delivered by a combination of presentation/lecture, individual assignment work, role-play activities, case study review, movie clips and other various interactive activities to engage the adult learner.  Throughout the course, participants will be given three different multiple-choice learning assessments based on the curriculum presented. These are "open book" and scored as a cumulative grade to determine a final completion score.