WALA Leadership Certification Program

-- WALA is proud to partner with LDG to offer a one of it's kind, exclusive Leadership Certification Program designed to fit the needs of WALA members --

Recruiting and Retention is the elephant in the room.  Raising the hourly rate will only go so far as improving recruiting. Unfortunately, raising pay does little to nothing when it comes to retention, especially in the current inflationary market.  Your employees are in the drivers' seat as more and more organizations are increasing salaries just to get employees from a seemingly shrunken pool of available workers.  If your employees are unhappy at all with their job, they can find another one all too easily.

Never has it been more true than it is today: The biggest key to retaining current workers and attracting additional good workers is having supervisors and managers with excellent Leadership skills.

Recognizing the most significant challenge currently facing our members in recruiting and retention, WALA has teamed up with LDG to provide WALA Members with an effective solution to employee retention and productivity which, when put into practice, will positively impact recruiting. 

WALA Leadership Certification

This is an exclusive Leadership Certification Program available only to WALA members and their employees. 

Course Overview:

The certification class size is limited to 24, ensuring personal attention to each participant.  All applicants must be from an organization that is a current WALA {provider or associate} member and in a leadership position that will directly benefit from this course.

Group classes will be 1 to 2 hours monthly via Zoom from November 2022 through February 2023. The final group class will be during a closed breakout session at the WALA Spring Conference March 8-10, 2023.  Additionally, each participant will have two individual coaching sessions, one during the course and the other after completing the course.

Upon course completion, participants will be recognized and presented a certificate of completion at the 2023 WALA Spring Conference.

Recipients will receive FULL conference admission to WALA's 2023 Spring Conference for their recognition

Application Process:

Interested members need to:

Submitted application needs to be accompanied with:

  • Cover letter submitted to info@ewala.org, and
  • 3 references 

Applicants will be reviewed and notified of their acceptance by October 28th  Upon acceptance, WALA will process $2,500 registration invoice and full payment is required prior to the first class.

Apply Here

2022-23 Course Schedule:

The first four classes will be conducted over Zoom and last 1-2 hours each.  The following dates are confirmed and the class time will be finalized soon:

November 8th 

December 6th 

January 10th

February 7th

WALA is excited to offer this Member Exclusive opportunity along with Leadership Development Group.

Any questions, please contact WALA at info@ewala.org