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A Loving Space, LLC

4625 North 40th
Milwaukee, WI 53209
United States
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Company Overview

A Loving Space, LLC is an ambulatory Adult Family Home caring for 4 individuals, both men and women with Irreversible Dementia/Alzheimer's, Physically/Disabled, Emotionally Disturbed/Mental Illness, Advanced Age, Developmentally Disabled (Intellectually Impaired), Traumatic Brain Illness, Correctional Clients, Pregnant Women Who Need Counseling and Alcohol/Drug Treatment dependents at 4625 North 40th Street Milwaukee WI 53209. The client group listed is compatible at A Loving Space, LLC because at this facility we will hold an introduction session which we call a RoundTable discussion. A roundtable discussion is a group discussion that will be held as a group that includes staff, management and residents. The discussion topics will aim towards respect for one another in the facility, likes and dislikes, issues that have arise whether its with staff, management or another housed resident. The services provided will be conducted and administered by the owner/ operator Shalonda Williams.
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