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Quality Compliance Worksheets - CBRF (DHS 83)

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Quality Compliance Worksheets - CBRF (DHS 83)

The Quality Compliance Worksheets provide a convenient, one-stop resource for assisted living communities. The Quality Compliance Worksheets were designed to help assisted living providers manage the process of becoming compliant so that they can achieve full compliance in a time-efficient, organized and cost-effective manner.

The Quality Compliance Worksheets are designed to help assisted living communities:

  • Understand major DHS code requirements
  • Quickly identify where they are in compliance and where they need to make changes
  • Identify specific steps to take to achieve compliance
  • Make assignments and set timelines for compliance-related activities
  • Track progress
  • Monitor quality issues of your community

The Worksheets include interactive checklists and work planning guides for major code requirements. Checklists let users determine whether their community meets code requirements. Work planning guides provide step-by-step guidance for how to achieve compliance and provide space to record staff assigned and due dates for each step. Finally, notes throughout the Worksheets refer users to websites and information sources.

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Non-Member Price: $135
Member Price: $75