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Medication / Pain Management

Medication / Pain Management

Many assisted living residents take medication. Even if you have just a few residents who are taking only one or two medications each, it can be a major challenge to ensure medications are always administered properly. This challenge increases if you have many residents taking multiple medications and many staff members administering them.

The Compliance Strategies in this manual will outline the practices you should follow to ensure you provide a safe medication environment for your residents.


Plus! You also get Pain Management Compliance Strategies!


Pain is an equal opportunity source of unhappiness. Pain can affect every area of your life, including eating, sleeping, mood, concentration, activities, and relationships. Pain is the most under diagnosed and untreated problem among the senior population.

Although the recognition and treatment of pain in assisted living facilities present special challenges, these Compliance Strategies provide you with a systematic effort to plan and implement effective pain management programs that can help residents maintain the highest quality of life possible.

View a sneak peek of the Table of Contents - Medication Management

View a sneak peek of the Table of Contents - Pain Management 

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