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WALA continues to advocate on your behalf to help address the caregiver workforce crisis and to modernize the Family Care program.  We have been part of a collaborative effort with Wisconsin’s long-term care provider community requesting the legislature to invest $15 million GPR in the upcoming (2021-23) biennial budget.  This request includes the funding increases provided in the 2019-21 state budget along with an additional $77.8 million (All Funds).  If our request is approved, it would allow you to provide much needed wage increases to your caregivers.  In addition, we are requesting that the Department of Health Services be directed to develop and implement by January 1, 2024 a new reimbursement methodology using a statewide minimum rate band (fee schedule) to be adopted by Family Care. 

Current Status at the Capitol

The Joint Committee on Finance is currently reviewing and voting on the 2021-23 state budget.

How you can Help

We need you to contact your legislators to inform them about the caregiver workforce crisis, why your caregivers deserve much needed wage increases, and why the Family Care program needs to be modernized.  This will only take a few minutes of your time.

If you do not know who your legislators are or how to contact them, go to the Wisconsin State Legislature Home Page and enter your community address in the box under “Who Are My Legislators?”  You will be provided with their names and contact information.  The best way to advocate for our request is to personally call your legislators.  More than likely, a staffer will answer the phone and they will take a message to pass along to the legislator.  They may also ask you a couple of questions.  Feel free to leave a voicemail if no one answers the phone.

Talking Points

“Hello, my name is (INSERT NAME) and I am the (INSERT JOB TITLE) at (INSERT NAME OF YOUR COMMUNITY/ORGANIZATION) which is located at (INSERT ADDRESS).  We have (INSERT NUMBER OF RESIDENTS) residents residing at our assisted living community and we employ (INSERT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES) employees at our assisted living community.  As an assisted living provider, we offer care and services to (OUTLINE THE TYPE OF RESIDENTS YOU SERVE, e.g., FRAIL ELDERLY, INTELLECTUAL/DEVELOPMENTALLY DISABLED ADULTS, etc.) residents.  We continue to endure a workforce crisis that has prevented us from recruiting and retaining quality caregivers to care for these individuals.  I am calling you today asking you to support a continuation of the Direct Care Workforce Funding Initiative and our request to invest an additional $77.8 million in the upcoming 2021-23 state biennial budget.  This would allow us to provide much needed wage increases to our caregivers through Wisconsin’s Family Care Program.  In addition, we are asking for your support to direct the Department of Health Services to develop a new reimbursement methodology using a statewide minimum rate band to be adopted by Family Care.  New provider reimbursement methodologies are needed to reflect transparency and accurately reflect the actual cost of care and the rising expenses that occur year after year.  Thank you for your time and consideration.” 

Please personalize as you feel warranted with your legislator. 

Thank you for making this important effort.

Michael S. Pochowski, MPPA
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