2024 Annual Conference Innovation Showroom Opportunities

Innovation Showroom Opportunities

During the duration of our Annual Conference, the Innovation Showroom is open to attendees to explore and learn about new technology.  Set up is in the foyer of the conference center allowing attendees to see first-hand what innovative concepts are available on the market.  WALA is seeking a limited number of companies with innovative concepts/technology that have the ability to bring their product onsite for our attendees to see, test, and experience.  If you are interested in bringing your innovation to display among 600 attendees at the largest assisted living conference in WI, please submit your RFP today!

Innovation Showroom Sponsors will be selected by WALA's Education Committee



Includes display space to showcase your product or technology throughout the duration of the conference, up to 2 conference registrations, and an opportunity to present at one of our 60-minute breakout sessions.

Request for Proposal (RFP)