Caregivers & Office Assistants Needed

Posted By: Rachel Ruf The WALA Career Center ,
You Are Home LLC is family owned and operates two Adult Family Homes. Homes sit side by side in rural Chippewa Falls. We provide a happy, healthy, and safe home for adults with Developmental Disabilities. 
YAH was newly established October 26th 2021.  We are in the exciting process of building our unbreakable foundation and reputation, so get in on the ground floor, with a caring, compassionate, and creative team, who will be the favorite for families to home their loved ones and the best place for our area Caregivers to be employed, as we care for, and appreciate our staff as much as we do, our "family" members!!
Caregivers and Office Assistants that truly do care and need a Job please contact  You Are Home. (YAH!!)
Thank you,

Rachel Ruf, RN-Owner
3 to 4 Caregivers: (Experience preferred but not required -- CNA Certification not required).
1 Office Assistant (Onsite initially may become remote later if desired) Advanced experience in typing and today's computer software programs required.
 1st Priority: Caregivers/ 2 - FT  PM shift- ( 40 hrs/week -every other weekend (3p to 11p).
 2nd Priority: 1 -  FT Office Assistant/ 32+ hrs/wk(flexible hours- make own schedule).
 3rd Priority: 1- Part Time PM shift Caregiver(3p to 11p/Every other Saturday and Sunday.
 4th Priority: Any Caregivers for Per Diem/Casual status(position would require at least one year of caregiving experience). To cover expected and unexpected coverage needs.  All shifts- Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Nights- Full or Partial shifts welcome.