About Us

The Wisconsin Assisted Living Association was founded in 1994. At the time, assisted living was growing as a preferred option in the care continuum for the elderly. Families were (and still are) seeking compassionate, non-institutional care environments for their loved ones.

As assisted living emerged from its infancy, the need for an organization to look out for the interests of assisted living providers and related businesses grew as well. From the State Capitol to the small town, providers and partners needed legislative advocacy, public awareness and educational programming.

WALA began a new era for the industry in Wisconsin, offering a variety of services and member benefits designed to represent and enhance the assisted living industry in Wisconsin. As the state partner of the Argentum (formally known as ALFA), WALA was the local face of a growing national movement.

WALA and Argentum have worked for over a decade to advance assisted living on the state and national levels. Our focus remains on promoting assisted living excellence, both for our members and for the industry as a whole.